Mord Mar (Rocky's Megadungeon)

The last of the summer

Trying to update before the adventures in Mord Mar continue:

Eventually the party was able to give Acidopholus his lair. It cost the life of Fritz, who was turned into a statue and shattered by magic gone awry (cast by the Old Man). Retzlaff blamed the Old Man for this. They found they were being followed by a Rogue, who was sent by the Adventurer’s Guild to make sure they got the job done.

They returned home, and were sent to the Crypts of Mord Mar to find why the dead were re-animating and to put a stop to it if they could. Retzlaff, the Old Man and Dickson were turned undead, and ran off. The party returned home to lick their wounds, and the campaign went on hiatus for the remainder of the summer.

The adventure will continue later this month, after your DM’s Kickstarter is here.



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