Merchants and Salesmen

Silversmith – Silver Impressions – proprietor/Mistress Silversmith Thora Silverbeard (Dwarf) – sells mostly statuettes, tableware, goblets, etc. She can silver weapons.

Cartographer – Refound Places – proprietor/Master Cartographer Pennington Stinkfoot (Halfling) – sells maps of the mountain and countryside. Pays for maps of areas that he has not seen.

Hordwar – Mighty Minions – proprietor Odeth Stonesetter – rents/contracts NPCs

Provisioneer – Durable Foodstuffs – proprietor Harold Grabman (human) – sells hard rations, candles, oil, rope, lanterns, etc.

Leather Worker – Miracles in Leather – proprietor Durak Mountainson – makes leather furniture, armor, slings, scabbards, etc

Bowyer/Fletcher – Straight Arrows – proprietor Lithe Winterleaf (elf) – Bows and Arrows, Crossbows and Bolts and anything else archery related.

Blacksmith – Metal Masters – proprietor Shale Earthmolder – anything made of Iron, Steel, Mithral, Adamantine or other ferrous metals. Specializes in weapons and armor.

Magic Miscellany – proprietor Shiela Orcsbane (half-elf) – buys and sells durable magic items, except weapons and armor. Enchanter on staff (Farin Orcsbane-human)

Advenurer’s Arms – proprietor Orrin Firebeard – buys and sells magic weapons and armor.

Merchants and Salesmen

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