Gods of Mord Mar

There are several gods that all races worship:

Aerrad Lightsmith: God of the Sun domains Air, Fire, Sun, Weather (Elven originated god)

Bashiel Ashmouth: God of Evil domains Evil, Glory, Lust, Murder (originally a demon)

Charna Weepwisp: Goddess of Death domains Death, Law, Repose, War (Lawful Neutral)

Ghanael: God of Nature domains Animal, Earth, Plant, Weather (believed to be an ascendant bear)

Halasha Weaver: Goddess of Magic domains Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Rune

Inute Tebro: God of Goodness domains Community, Good, Knowledge, Nobility

Inelia: Goddess of Law, and Equality domains Charm, Good, Law, Liberation,

Lady Luck: Goddess of Luck domains Chaos, Luck, Travel, Weather

Lashen: Goddess of Hope domains Community, Healing, Knowledge, Liberation

Somat: God of Storms domains Destruction, Glory, Madness, Weather

Xyler Shameweaver: God of Night domains Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Magic

Dwarvern Gods

Auror Oaktooth: High God of Dwarves domains Community, Earth, Good, Law

Blain Oreweaver: God of Metals domains Artifice, Chaos, Earth, War

Dollin Silvervein: God of the Lost Dwarves domains Artifice, Darkness, Liberation, Nobility

Marshield Ironbeard: God of the Forge domains Community, Fire, Protection, War

Mathern Grovelbeard: Exiled God of Evil Dwarves domains Evil, Liberation, Rune, Trickery

Mikel Lightbeard: God of Magic domains Charm, Law, Magic, Repose

Quarran Battlereaver: God of Battles domains Glory, Luck, Strength, War

Tanar Foecarver: God of Destruction (particularly Orcs, Goblins, Giants, Trolls) domains Destruction, Repose, Strength, War

Gnomish Gods

Beek Willman: God of the Hunt domains Animal, Community, Death, Strength

Finton Hexgauge: God of Artifice domains Artifice, Earth, Magic, Protection

Ninadette Frostbloem: Goddess of Cold/Winter domains Air, Destruction, Law, Water

Peach: Goddess of Happiness and Nature domains Air, Animal, Community, Plant

Peck Applestem: God of Freedom domains Chaos, Liberation, Repose, Travel

Pelfin Shockseed: God of Illusion domains Law, Madness, Magic, Trickery

Stilfen Bloodshock: God of Evil domains Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery

Miscellaneous Gods

Primal Gorgon unknown if this is a god, or something more terrible. No known domains.

Gods of Mord Mar

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