Adventurer's Guild Charter Contract

Adventurer’s Charter

The Adventurer’s Guild (referred to as Guild) is a group of adventurers that share information, and resources with each other. Following is the schedule of fees:

Annual Membership: 100 gold pieces
Cut Percentage: 5/10/20% detailed later
Bounty Fees: The guild does not collect a fee on any quest received from the adventurers. The persons posting the quest pay a fee for the notice.

The percentage of a haul taken out of the dungeon is fully up to the adventurers between the 3 tiers. In exchange for these percentages, the Guild provides services based on the tier level promised for the upcoming excursion (a higher tier also has access to lower tier benefits):
5%: Allowed use of common and meeting rooms. Allowed a bed inside the barracks of the Guild.
10%: Allowed use of the library, and other research facilities of the Guild.
20%: The Guild holds a simple insurance policy on the adventurers. If they return, they may use identifying techniques at reduced cost, and have healing spells up to their level. If their body is recovered, the Guild covers all burials and ceremonies for the adventurer. A strong box, which is insured as long as the contents are recorded and verified is also provided 1/party. 3 cubic feet of space.

Adventurer's Guild Charter Contract

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