Mord Mar (Rocky's Megadungeon)

Griffins Rest - July 2018

A new crop of adventurers will be entering Mord Mar next Tuesday. I have reopened the Obsidian Portal for those who are smart or fortunate enough to find it. I intend to use it to index the campaign.

Have fun storming the dungeon!

Things are not what they seem

After returning to town, Alexander brought his sword in to be re-enchanted. A few other magic items were bought. Gonn began researching his new spell, Ebb Darkrift.

Meanwhile, Torrent began searching for the succubus named Belle. He began drinking in the Inn of the Lightless Day. Asking around, nobody had seen her. Meanwhile, Belle had altered self and was in the bar. As midnight approached, the party joined Torrent in the bar for drinks and to look for Belle. About 10 minutes later, 15 guards came in and found her in disguise.

The guards arrested Belle for murder. The party headed over to City Hall to find and talk to Belle. Here they found she was not actually arrested. But the guard on duty recognized 2 of the descriptions of guardsman. Arc and Carn Stoneblower were to be on guard duty at the dungeon gate the next day. The party traveled there and talked to their superior officer. After name dropping Bear Yarl, the party brought Arc and Carn to be interrogated.

Arc and Carn were obviously less scared of the party than the cabal they were working for. The party found there was only one solution to the silent guards. They decided the Stoneblower brothers should be interrogated by Bear Yarl. The gold dragon required a night with the traitors.

The next day, the party was informed that Belle was taken to a hidden summoning circle and was to be sacrificed to summon a stronger demon. The party was given directions to the hidden summoners.

They decided to use the teleporter to the Citadel. Here they were attacked by several orcs. It seems once 1 threat is eliminated, another steps into the vacuum immediately. Dispatching the horde of orcs (and 1 orcre – a 1/2 orc, 1/2 ogre) was simple enough, but Alexander’s panther animal companion was killed.

From here they followed the directions given. Along the way, they were ambushed by a 7-headed pyrohydra. The pyrohydra did some damage, but was dispatched quickly. Searching the area, they found a couple of potions and some other miscellaneous treasures. Alexander decided to explore the upstairs of the building the pyrohydra laired in (a cobbler’s shop). He found stirges upstairs, which he dispatched quickly. He searched a couple of spots and found old manuscripts detailing the cobbler’s work and schedules and clients, which he gave to Gonn.

From there,

Resuming the Quest

So, after a long break, we have begun the adventures in Mord Mar again. The party hired several new members:

Dwarven Cleric – Torrent Stormguard (played by Adam)
Elven Barbarian – “Racks” – (played by Dave ‘Blondie’)
Human Paladin (played by Rob)

The session began with them getting interviewed and hired, followed by a discussion with Tamerick Alebeard, the head of the Mord Mar Adventurer’s Guild. He tasked the group with finding and stopping the Old Man. He gave most of the party members a Boon (except for Alexander, who was being mouthy to the head of the MMAG.), and the original party members also received Rings of Luminousness.

From there, the party returned to the Crypts, and encountered a few Soul Shadows. Soul Shadows are ethereal creatures that when they hit someone, they also become incorporal, and fall through whatever they are standing on. This usually kills that person, who then returns as another Soul Shadow.
The fight with the Soul Shadows went well until Alexander got hit and failed his Fort Save. He began to sink into the ground. Some quick thinking by Gonn saved him (specifically a levitation spell.)

The party continued exploring, eventually running into the lich Charnel Darkstone, who followed them, talking idly for a while. The party found their way to the Tomb of the Sun King, which they found a secret passage in.

They followed the secret passage to the bridge over the Pit of the Penniless. A skeletal dragon, tainted with Darkrift energy, climbed out and attacked them. They dispatched the dragon and worked for some time to cross the drafty bridge.

Gonn gained some insight on how to trap darkrift energy into gems, and has started researching a way to do this.

Crossing the bridge brought them into the Chapel of Marshield, where both clerics received a vision. One saw the succubus, Belle, and the other saw the troll Braggtooth. They know either of these characters can tell them how to find Egg’s tower.

From here the party found the entrance to the Death Kniight’s lair. But only Korgan could enter. He found his way to the priest’s quarters of Marshield’s Chapel. Here he found the Vestments of Marshield.

While he was doing this, (Scott’s Character) animated about 80 skeletons. As they fell, they would respawn. When Korgan returned to the party, the skeletons stopped animating, presumably from the new Vestments of Marshield.

From there, the party hunted down the vampire, Scarlet. She put up a strong fight, but thanks to Alexander’s Griffin, the party was able to defeat her. They took her treasure, but sent an evil, magical battle axe away into the dungeon on the Zombie Carriage.

The last of the summer

Trying to update before the adventures in Mord Mar continue:

Eventually the party was able to give Acidopholus his lair. It cost the life of Fritz, who was turned into a statue and shattered by magic gone awry (cast by the Old Man). Retzlaff blamed the Old Man for this. They found they were being followed by a Rogue, who was sent by the Adventurer’s Guild to make sure they got the job done.

They returned home, and were sent to the Crypts of Mord Mar to find why the dead were re-animating and to put a stop to it if they could. Retzlaff, the Old Man and Dickson were turned undead, and ran off. The party returned home to lick their wounds, and the campaign went on hiatus for the remainder of the summer.

The adventure will continue later this month, after your DM’s Kickstarter is here.

Of Dragons and Orcs

The party was summoned by Bear Yarl, who was ready to find Acidopholus a new layer. Bear gave the party a teleporter command phrase, and told them which one it was. The party “suited up” and headed out.
The Old Man had a bad feeling about the teleporter, so the rest of the party went first. Right into the hands of the Cursed Minotaur. When the Old Man went through, he was immediately attacked. The party easily dispatched the Cursed Minotaur from there.

fought some orcs
fought some orcs with a cleric and he had some Wraith Pots.

wanted to get started. more edits after slumbering

They fall for it . . . again

After leaving the game mid-battle last session, the party returned (missing 2 players thanks to JFAX) to a hungry mind flayer trying to eat their brains. Also, 2 party members were still down from last week. This left Old Man, Retzlaff and Korgan.
The three PCs standing made short work of the goblins, and made some strides on getting to Ludos. A spiritual weapon did some damage, but Ludos knew better than to stay in line of sight to the caster. As soon as he was out of sight, he activated his Necklace of Invisibility. This gave the Old Man time to create a skeleton.
The party advanced into the room, and Ludos sneak attacked the Old Man. He was not able to get all of his tentacles attached before the party destroyed the abomination.
From here, the party revived the rest of the group, rested and set on to continue the plunderation of the Flayer’s Layer. They searched the last door, and opened it to find a 10′×10′ room. The door in that room was also trapped, dropping the ceiling on Retzlaff, Alexander, Dickson, and Fritz(?) On top of the rubble, were corpses which infected the party members with Rot Grubs. For the most part, the party came through unscathed, except poor Retzlaff. He was infected with 8 Rot Grubs. Before it was done, he had drifted in and out of consciousness 5 times.
From there, they finished exploring the remainder of Ludos’ Layer, finding a ladder that went deep into the belly of the mountain.

At the bottom of this ladder, they found a room with a single ‘keypad.’ After much debating they decided on B2. This took them to an area outside the mountain, where they found a nymph with a problem. She needed a way to stop forest fires.
The party decided to help with this quest, and were given 250 lbs of wood to facilitate the garnering of a magic item. They approached the clerics of Morridin, the City Council (specifically Bear Yarl) and the Mage’s Guild.
Eventually Bear Yarl gave them the money to purchase an artifact that would allow the nymph to control fires on her desolate mountainside. For their help, they were richly rewarded:
Each was given a gift from Bear Yarl’s mate’s treasure horde (5000 gp or less).
They also returned to the aboleth, and were rewarded for killing Ludos.

The Realization of the Mirror

So, the party had finally assembled everything needed to close the mirror. Being priority number one, they left the city for the mirror as soon as they were fully healed. They found the mirror just like they had left it.

However, they started making will saves like mad. After the last member failed, they awoke to find themselves chained to the walls. A dwarf that had previously helped them was there wanting to talk. The dwarf (who previously claimed to be a member of the Greatgorer clan) was revealed to be a green dragon. His name is Acidopholus. Curious to see why there was so much action on destroying his food source, he made a meeting.

The party decided that chained, and weaponless, they should not anger Acidopholus. Instead they decided to bring him to the Council, and allow them to negotiate instead. At this meeting, Bear Yarl (the city’s general) revealed himself as a gold dragon. The dragons had a ‘discussion.’

The conclusion of this discussion came to be the party at large must find a new lair for Acidopholus and move the Goblin Mirror there. But, they were given time to celebrate and bury their dead (Ezekial).

Instead of burying their dead, they decided to return to the mind flayer’s lair and loot his corpse. On the way, they found the cursed minotaur’s pedestal was replaced with a visage of the Old Man. They were then conscripted by an aboleth to destroy Ludos. However, the barbarian (Fritz Wibblewiss) was not with the party, and instead ventured further into the mind flayer lair alone. He was charmed by the mind flayer.

The party, released by the aboleth, headed into Ludos’ Lair to destroy the illithid. They found Fritz, who started banging his weapons together in a warning to his slave lord. Several goblins came to help Fritz defend the master. The party greased an area, and set it aflame, killing several goblins.

Meanwhile, the party’s new ranger and Fritz traded blows. Fritz dropped in the fire, and was pulled out and stabilized. The ranger was affected by the mind flayer’s mental powers, dropped his weapons and walked into the grease flames. The fire did enough damage to drop the new member, and he was pulled from the flames.

The game was called short, as there was a family emergency with one of the players.

Finding What is Needed

A few sessions have gone by without an update, so here is what happened, without embellishment (and not necessarily in order):

The party killed many goblins, and spared one: Darcy.
They found their way to a Goblin Mirror, and found a way to destroy it.
The party finished several quests.
Darcy accompanied the party, and was blessed by dwarven gods to become a dwarf.

(Any player may edit this with more detail as they see fit)

The Adventure Gets Sidetracked

Week 2, we had all the players. The complete party:

Korgan, Dwarf Cleric
Fritz, Gnome Barbarian
Retzlaff, Gnome Paladin
Dickson, Halfling Rogue
Cerulean, Human Sorceress
Old Man, Human Wizard
Ezekial, Human Fighter

The party resupplied for another journey. They were planning on 4 days, but brought enough for 12. Buttstallion carried the burden. They also hired Devahn, a human hireling to handle Buttstallion and make camp, etc. Old Man joined the Mage Guild, gaining a couple of additional spells for his book. He was also tasked with finding 1lb of unrefined silver ore for a town person. Buttstallion lobbied for a new name. He was successful, gaining the moniker “Bad Ass.”

The party headed out at dawn, and used the teleporter they found last week to get back into the citadel. Finding the throne room dark and empty, they left Bad Ass and Devon and headed through a secret door. Dickson signaled the all clear for traps “in his immediate area.” Korgan didn’t listen and traveled 30’ straight into a pit trap between 2 doors. While attempting to remove the healing battery from the deep earth, the party was attacked by 7 gobbos. They dispatched the green menace with some difficulty, and nobody dying.

They found a room with stairs leading up. In the room at the top of the stairs, they found 4 dwarven statues. 3 were the original clerics of Morridin, and the fourth was the first king of the fallen city. The statues were enchanted to stop non-dwarves from advancing, but Korgan (our intrepid dwarven cleric) convinced the ancient statues to allow passage to his friends.

Next, the party wandered into a room with 2 statues of lizard men in opposite corners. A button was found on one, which shut the door and started a 60 second timer. After about a 1/2 hour they realized that when the timer counted down the door would re-open.

The next room they explored was a goblin whorehouse. They dispatched all of the goblins, except one who spoke Common. The 6 int paladin (Retzlaff) took her on as a ward. She told them where to find a mirror which goblins have been using to flood into the citadel.

At this point, they decided to rest in the Countdown Room (putting a pack on the button to keep the count at :60), sending 2 party members back for Bad Ass and Devahn, whom they found dead. Half of Bad Ass had been apparently drug away by a dragon (they found a bloody dragon footprint). The party regrouped and sent someone back to town for supplies. The rest went mostly uneventfully, until the Zombie Carriage showed up.

During Fritz’s watch, all the light was sucked out of the room, and a click-clack sound was heard. Nobody was run over when the lights came back on, but there was a carriage which was lead by an undead looking horse and piloted by an undead looking driver. The door flipped open with a sign which read: “One gold per passenger.”
Dickson, the fearless rogue said to the party “how often can you ride a zombie carriage?” paid a gold and got on. The rest of the party followed suit. Taking a ride in the surprising accommodations, they were deposited in the Breeding Pits, not very far from the stairs leading back up.

Here they met some friendly moss-folk, and agreed to take the body of a dead elf away from the area. The elf’s corpse was contaminated by some kind of spore that would transform their children into something else. They got directions to the corpse, the stairs and heard about a cleric in the depths that helps adventurers.

They headed out to the corpse, and found a humanoid adventuring party there. A fight ensued, with the party using all of their resources to survive. The elf and Firebeard’s corpse were recovered. While heading toward the stairs, they were attacked by a bunch of rats, one of which was dire. A harrowing fight followed, but the party prevailed, but wounded. Here they found some silver ore for their quest.

They found their way to the steps up, and ran across more enchanted statues at the top. These swing weapons at any who climb up the stairs, or approach the stairs. One party member dropped (but was stable). Korgan could feel the temple he purified, and the party moved there quickly. They set up a home for Darcy (the goblin hireling) nearby, and headed back to town.

The party turned in a completed quests: silver ore, and turned in goblin ears (6 . . . they forgot to write down a bunch.) Fritz’s player had to leave early, so his quest completion has to wait until next week. And so, now we wait for next Saturday to arrive . . .

The Adventure Begins

So, last Saturday (May 4th, 2013), we had our first playtest of the Megadungeon. The heroes of the day:

Dwarf Cleric
Gnome Barbarian, who carries full sized longswords. (yeah, he’s gonna die).
Gnome Paladin, Int 6.
Human Diviner
Human Fighter
Human Sorceress

I don’t have their stats in front of me, hence no names. However 2/3 of the party have at least 1 stat with 8 or less. They bought a mule (named Buttstallion, from Borderlands fame). Several quests were given to the party to choose from. The ones they chose were:
Kill Goblins (5 gp/pair of ears)
Sanctify Morridin’s temple (accomplished, with no wandering monsters showing up.)
Find Firebeard’s ring (or brother or corpse)
Find the Platinum Chalice

The adventure went like this:

Leave the city. Walk for 2 hours. Find a note on a door which read: “The water is gone, head South.”
Head South.
Find Morridin’s Temple, and spend 4 hours sanctifying it. DM rolls 24 wandering monster checks. . . nada.
Explore and kill some giant rats. Nobody contracted a disease.
Find the citadel that holds the goblins. Wandering Monsters (finally). 3 goblins drain minor resources from the party.
Explore 4 rooms of the citadel. Fight 10 goblins at once. The fighter cannot hit the Boss Goblin for 4 rounds. Barbarian rages in time not to drop from damage. Fighter finally hits Boss Goblin for the final blow. (The Paladin and Cleric had beat the crap out of him.) Fight wraps up as Barbarian drops. Cleric heals Barbarian.
The party searches the room, and finds miniscule treasure, but they find a teleporter!
Session ends.


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